"The eBiz Complete Solution" gives you all the tools to turn your websites into 24/7
PROFIT MACHINES putting cash directly into your bank account even while you sleep.

From Todd Moss
Todd Moss

Dear Friend,

Most serious marketers are searching the Internet trying to find the right software, tools, products, memberships or services that they need to build their Internet business.... I am sure you find yourself doing the same thing.

You are at the right place today because this membership is a Total Business Solution!

Finally, a site that has everything you need under one roof....

Your search for a Internet Marketing Solution is over!


Here is a glimpse of some tools in the member area:

HUGE Hosting Account

You get a High Speed Hosting account at my hosting company: KingWebhost.com.
It comes with 3000 meg of space and you can host as many domains as you want!

Online Web Site Builder

With the Online Site Builder you can be a webmaster and have a professional web site up and going in no time at all.  Hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from. 

Powerful Follow-up Autoresponders

You get unlimited, instantaneous and extremely powerful "Smart" Follow-up Autoresponders that work around the clock for you.   It is an awesome Autoresponder and very easy to use.

URL Rotator Service

Now you can promote multiple products with one URL. Very handy tool if you are buying website traffic. This tool will divide traffic evenly to all of your websites.

Web Based Email

YourName@Qbug.com - Pop3 email is included with your membership.  It is powered by Google's powerful Gmail system.  You will love the dependability and all the great features.

Pop-up Wizard Software

Like them or not, pop-ups are extremely effective. With effectiveness in mind, now creating your own pop-ups is a cinch with my online software that will create pop-ups instantly.

Over 50 Snap In CGI & PHP Scripts

You can install a new WordPress blog with just a couple clicks!  This is just one of the many powerful software products inside your hosting control panel that install automatically.

Hot, New Resell Products, Software Monthly

You will have instant access to over 1400 Hot Resell Products, Ebooks, Templates, Software, Scripts and more! These are YOURS for no extra layout!  You can sell these products for 100% profit!  New products are added every month!

Extensive Training Center with Videos & Tutorials

I have designed the training area to help you succeed.  You will have access to training on Internet Marketing, website creation, graphics, adwords, and much more. After your 3rd month of membership, you will have access to one of the most complete training courses ever developed.  David Vallieres "How to make a Living Online".  Valued at $299 

No longer will you need to have a dozen different accounts with a dozen different Internet service providers, or membership sites, because now you can have everything right here with the eBiz Complete Solution!

From Gary:
If you get a chance to work with Todd Moss I highly recommend him and products he promotes.  I am currently a eBiz Complete Solution client, a PLRPro.us client and regularly use the software from his Softwareking.us site. The bottom line is it works! and Todd is a great guy to work with!  Thanks Todd, for being there for me when I need help! Gary Heggem at www.tradingsecretsofthepros.com

From Megan:
Thank you Todd! You have just saved me so much time and money now that I am a member of the eBiz Complete Solution! I am literally dumbfounded by the value I have found here! Todd, you are not doing yourself full justice - this is not 'just one' membership site - this is - 'MULTIPLE MEMBERSHIPS & SERVICES IN ONE', and all for only one small investment! I have seen other membership sites (which don't provide nearly as much as you do), charge at least twice as much!

You literally do provide me with everything I need for all my business plans! I have done a LOT of research into other membership sites over the last year, and it is rare to find such site as yours.

I don't need to join an autoresponder or ad-tracking service, or buy resell rights or Private Label Right (PLR) memberships. Why? Because its already here, including your fantastic and may I say LARGE Download Vault full of great new Resell products - 'INSTANT BUSINESS'!!! Not to mention all of the other services you provide which are usually paid for separately. Plus, this is a great and professional webhosting package (not just a 'reseller's package which has been 'added-on').

All I can do is to Thank You. You really have saved me much time and money.

Congratulations To Your Ongoing Success!

Megan McCarthy (Meg) of megsmartresources.blogspot.com


The Following are details about everything you will
get in the eBiz Complete Solution Membership...

Powerful control panel with tons of features for your hosting accoount

To have a business on the Internet you need a web hosting account. A home for your websites. We take our hosting very seriously. That is why we provide our members a special hosting account at KingWebhost.com on their Powerful, High Speed Servers.

KingWebhost is not a hosting reseller but is a web hosting company. Webhosting is the core business at KingWebhost, the parent company of eBiz Complete Solution. All of our websites are hosted on powerful state of the art servers and none of these servers are ever over sold. Once a server reaches a set number of accounts, or bandwidth, we set up a new server.

The hosting account that comes with your eBiz Complete Solution membership is not your ordinary hosting account either. Most web hosting companies will charge you extra for every domain that you want to host, but with KingWebhost you will be able to launch as many domains, or separate websites, as you want, because we regulate our accounts by bandwidth and space usage, not how many websites you have.

This will save you hundreds of dollars in hosting fees and give your business room to expand into any niche that you want. Your hosting account comes standard with: 3000 megs of space, 80 gig of bandwidth. Most websites average less then 30 meg of space, so 3000 meg will hold many websites for you and it is easy and very inexpensive to add more space as your business grows. You also will be able to create Unlimited email accounts and Unlimited MySql databases all from inside your control panel.

You will have complete control of your web site and hosting account using the newest version of Cpanel. There is one reason that our company uses Cpanel. It is simply the best server management control panel available. Sure it does cost us more, but we believe it is well worth it, and so are our customers. Cpanel will allow you, the client, to have complete control over your hosting account.

You will be able to add new websites, check your website traffic reports, add a new email account, create a database, instantly install a script with the push of a button and much, much more. Web Based Email - Read your e-mail from anywhere in the world!  Simply log into your Cpanel and read your email or setup your favorite email client, like Outlook, and download your email right to your computer. Full Pop3 access. Have professional looking email addresses like: yourname@yourwebsite.com

Spam and Virus email protection is installed for your protection and can be easily activated from inside your control panel.

You will have access to several different stat programs from inside your Cpanel. My favorite is Webalizer - You will know who is visiting your site and when and where they are coming from... much more! Stop making guesses when it comes to spending your advertising dollars.

Put your e-business on auto pilot! Over 50 snap in CGI & PHP scripts that install themselves! Bulletin boards, WordPress blog builder, guestbooks, calendars, classifieds, photo gallery builder, just 1-click installs! See the list! You simply log into your Cpanel, select the script that you would like to install, select a folder where you want it to go and click. It is that simple.

If all that sounds difficult to do, don't worry because it is not hard to learn. Inside our membership training area you will have access to a complete video training series just on Cpanel.


easy online web site builder
online web site builder It doesn't do you any good to have a great webhosting account if you don't know how to build a website. That is why we have included our online web site builder. Using the KingSiteBuilder, anyone can be a webmaster and have a professional web site up and going in no time at all.

It is so easy! You don't have to know a thing about html, or coding. Everything is simple, cut-and-paste, right from your browser.
Hundreds of templates and designs to choose from! Don't take my word for it, go try our demo here and see for yourself how easy it is to be a pro.

Maybe you are more like me and would prefer to build your website using FrontPage or one of the other popular website building programs. You can do that too and to make it easier, we will give you access to a huge collection of 100's of beautiful, pre-designed Website templates!

The best Web 2.0 style templates are available only in the members area...

web 2.0 style professional website templates

And we add new templates every month!

unlimited smart followup autoresponders

Qbugs Reponders
Well, you don't have to be on the Internet for very long to realize how important this tool is. I tell folks all the time that "The money is in the list". If you are not building a mailing list, then you are simply spinning your wheels. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to build a profitable business on the Internet without a mailing list, which is why we provide you with Qbug's Responder Service.
Our Autoresponder service will allow you to build a mailing list and stay in contact with your subscribers. With our unlimited, instantaneous and extremely powerful "Smart" Follow-up Autoresponders that work around the clock, you will be able to turn casual lookers into paying customers. Some people are paying crazy monthly fees for just ONE Autoresponder, but at eBiz Complete Solution, you can now have AS MANY AS YOU LIKE (unlimited) included!

You will never have to worry about a spam complaint either because all of your subscribers will be double-opted in and your entire system will be fully compliant with all of the can-spam laws. Your subscriber's IP addresses are captured and saved so that you have a record of their request to join your list and you are protected.

You will be able to have your newsletter or ezine sent out automatically to your subscribers. You can send out a notice manually to one list, or you can use the Global feature and send out to all your lists at once. It will even create the email capture forms for you to put on your website automatically! It is an awesome Autoresponder and very easy to use.

You can check out all the features in more detail by
Clicking Here

web site business manager powered by Delavo(tm)

Delavo ecommerce management

eCommerce By Delavo(tm)

Our Website Business Manager is the heart of our system and is powered by the popular Delavo(tm) (Formally known as: JV Manager Fantasos(tm))  This is the same system that is used to manage multi-million dollar Internet businesses. We will install this on your domain at no charge and you will access to this powerful set of management tools. A total business automation solution.  Now you will finally have the competitive edge.  This system will allow you to automatically accept payments online through several different payment processors... You can add or remove a payment processor right from the Website Manager without ever touching your individual web pages.

All of your websites can be controlled from one central location.

Set up and run your very own free or paid membership sites! The Website Manager will automatically handle subscription payments, generate pass codes and then send out the access links to your new members. It will automatically keep detailed records of all of your sales and of all of your customers... no more searching endlessly through a stack of PayPal receipts!

When you sell a product, the Website Manager will digitally deliver your products within seconds of payment being received, while simultaneously using protected expiring links so that your products cannot be stolen... Delavo can be fully integrated into one or all of your websites for powerful centralization of all your Internet Business. 

You can learn more about it by clicking here

You will be able to set up your own affiliate program and Delavo(tm) will automatically keep detailed records of all of your affiliates. Offer, manage and run unlimited affiliate programs giving you the ability to have thousands of people promoting your products for you!

Fully customizable, to look and feel like YOUR Site. It's a Shell. You Control EVERYTHING! Use it for ALL of your Products, no matter if they're located on the same website or server or not... All of your records will be in one place.

Delavo(tm) will automate all of your email Marketing tasks, including sending receipts, follow-up emails, emails to affiliates, automatically sending pass codes, download links, notification of sales made, on and on... You will love having this technology on your side.

Conceptual help system is built into this software and we have a complete set of training videos for you to watch making it very easy to learn how to use this powerful system.

The Delavo(tm) software will be delivered to you through your bonus Turbo Membership.


Online tools to help you build your business

URL Rotator
... that allows you to promote multiple products with one URL. Very handy tool if you are buying website traffic. With this tool it will divide traffic evenly to all of your websites.

Unlimited Ad Trackers... If you are not tracking your ads, then you are losing money - It is that simple. Now available to you Super-smart and easy to use Trackers at your fingertips that calculate your return on investment and advertising worth on EVERY promotional campaign you embark on -- it even tracks sales! Totally integrated and immediately powerful. Other companies are charging up to $20 a month just for this service alone! It is included at eBiz Complete Solution Member site.  Stop wasting your advertising dollars!

Online Polls... Find out what your customers and website visitors want by asking them - Built-in poll creator software makes it a snap! Stop guessing what your customers want to buy and ask them... watch your sales increase dramatically when you start offering your customers exactly what they are looking for.

Pop-up Wizard... Like them or not, pop-ups are extremely effective. With effectiveness in mind, now creating your own pop-ups is a cinch with our built-in Software that will create pop-ups instantly. Start building your own mailing list using pop-ups.

All of these tools and MORE are available in the member area!

resell rights center download vault
This is amazing! In the eBiz Complete Membership area, you will also have instant access to hundreds of Hot New Products, Ebooks, Templates, Software, Scripts and more! These are YOURS for no extra layout! You can both learn from these products, and more importantly, sell these products and keep 100% of the money! I love resell rights. We add more brand new products every month!

I would like to make a list of all the products that are available in the Download Vault so that you could see what you will be getting with your membership, but there are so many I could not even begin to list them all! You Can Click Here to see a small partial list.

To give you a more accurate picture, I can tell you that the average dollar value of each product in the Download Vault is about $37 and we have uploaded over 1400 products to the vault and are adding more each month... You don't have to be a math major to see the value of this Download Vault.

Training center with videos, tutorials and much more

We have designed our training area to help you succeed. 
We have training material on all aspects Internet Marketing, website creation, graphic work, adwords, and much more. From how to use your hosting control panel to using your website manager. Extensive training on website development and search engine optimization so that you can learn how to tap into all the free traffic that is available from the thousands of searches done each day.

The best part! You will have access to one of the most complete training courses ever developed on Internet Marketing. Special arrangements have been made with the popular and excellent trainer David Vallieres to give you access to his course "How to make a Living Online". This course is easily valued at over $299 and you get access because it is included with your membership at eBiz Complete Solution.

Do not make the mistake of comparing it with 'courses' or eBooks you may have read about "how to make money on the Internet".  It's completely different than anything you have seen or heard of online. This course will walk you through... step by step until you are into big profits.  Don't just take my word for it though, read through some of the testimonies here: More Info


You will also receive a
Bonus Turbo Membership!

This is really a huge membership that is included with eBizCompleteSolution...
You can Click Here to learn more about it

membership card for ebiz complete solution membership site 

Now you can become a member of the Hottest Membership site on the net that is designed just for Internet Marketers!

Let's recap what you will be getting...
This chart shows what the competitors charge for similar services

eBiz Complete Solution Membership Value/Mth
 1. Web Site Hosting, 3000 meg for unlimited domains $19.95
 2. Qbug's Responder Service unlimited autoresponders $19.95
 3. Automated Web Site Builder $18.95
 4. URL Rotator for marketing $17.00
 5. Delavo(tm) Software (Comes from Turbo Membership) $Priceless
 6. Delavo(tm) Affiliate tracking software $27.00
 7. Delavo(tm) Membership site management with auto-biller $27.00
 8. Online Training Center with videos, tutorials and eBooks $27.00
 9. Super Smart Ad Trackers - Unlimited $19.00
10. Lots of Tools and Resources to help you $17.00
11. Monthly value of all the Resell Products and Software $150
12. Total REAL Value that you would pay each month for these services elsewhere.... $373.85
But you will not be paying anywhere near this because with
the eBizCompleteSolution.  It is Only $37 per Month!!
But... I am Still Not Done

As a BONUS You will also get access to PlrPro.us!

Not only will you be getting a membership with the eBizCompleteSolution, but you will also be receiving a Platinum membership at my Private Label Site, PlrPro.us, where you will receive NEW Products EVERY MONTH, ready for you to earn money immediately!
It is included!


Unbelievable deal that you will simply not find anywhere else on the Internet! 
Learn More Here: PlrPro.us

...Here’s A Unique PLR Membership Opportunity With A Twist!
Ordinary Membership Sites Give You PLR Content Every Month That They Choose... But This Membership Actually Allows You To Choose!

PLR Articles, PLR ebooks, PLR Videos and much more!

Some sites charge twice as much just for this
 Extra Membership alone, but this is
 Included with the eBizCompleteSolution!



As you can see...

I am making the decision to join eBizCompleteSolution a No-Brainer!

The monthly charge for my membership is Only $37... (just the hosting and autoresponder service alone would cost you that elsewhere), act now before this special price expires... check out the member area, try the tools, download the products and if you are not completely happy just let me know and I will refund your money!  There is no risk! Full Satisfaction Gauranteee.

You have nothing to lose at all.

Obviously, I cannot continue to charge the insanely low price of $27.95 much longer, so please hurry to be one of the first ones in, for your chance to try this great service first hand.

100% money back guarantee... Try it out and put it to the test... If you are not completely satisfied, simply let me know within 30 days and I will refund all of your money. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Lock in this entry price of Only $37 and later when the rate increases... and it certainly will... you will be grandfathered in at this low, low rate.

Just to recap...
You will receive a membership at:
And TurboMembership

All for one low, low price!

It is strictly limited to 200 members only...
Don't be left out...

We are not excepting any new members yet!


30 Day Unconditional Guarantee!
100% money back gaurantee! 

If you don't agree that this is the most useful, money-making membership that you've ever seen, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No questions asked.

You get 30 days to use and profit from this incredible system, if you do not feel the eBiz Complete Solution has everything you wanted, then I will send you an immediate refund.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

Remember it is strictly limited to 200 members only...
Don't be left out... Join us now by clicking on the 'Join Now' Button and you will be taken through a safe and secure ordering process. If you feel any concerns about ordering online, you can always contact me here: sales at eBizCompleteSolution.com or at the helpdesk

We are not excepting any new members yet!
You will be accessing the site in just seconds no matter what time of day or night it is!

Be Blessed!

Todd Moss of SoftwareKing.us

PS... Remember I am offering an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee... Try it out and put it to the test... if you are not completely satisfied simply let me know within 30 days and I will refund all of your money.  There is absolutely nothing for you to lose!

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